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Retired Coal Miners At Risk Of Losing Promised Health Coverage And Pensions - NPR - 09 Dec 2016 19:35


[[html]]<img src="" data-original="" class="img lazyOnLoad" alt=""/> <br><br>Retired coal miners could face the loss of health benefits if Congress doesn't implement a fix by Friday. Steve Helber/AP hide caption <br><br>toggle caption Steve Helber/AP <img data-original="" alt=""/> Retired coal miners could face the loss of health benefits if Congress doesn't implement a fix by Friday.<br><br>Steve Helber/AP <br><br>Without congressional intervention, about 16,000 retired miners in seven states will lose their health care coverage by the end of the year.<br><br>A proposal to temporarily extend the benefits is working its way through Congress. But two Senate Democrats, who are advocates for a more comprehensive plan, say the temporary provision isn't enough.<br><br>They are threatening to hold up a spending bill that needs to pass by Friday night to keep the government running.<br><br>Coal mining is dangerous work. For many miners, a government-backed promise of lifelong health care for them and their dependents made the risk worth taking.<br><br>Roger Merriman, 65, worked in the coal industry for 28 years.<br><br>"When we all started in the mines, we were promised health care for life cradle to grave," he says. Merriman's employer, Patriot Coal, filed for bankruptcy in 2012, then again in 2015. He is now slated to lose his pension and benefits. Merriman says that possibility of losing health benefits for his wife, who is younger than he is (at 65, he qualifies for Medicare), and their pension, is devastating.<br><br>"We'll have to make a choice of whether [we're] going to the doctors and buying prescriptions or paying bills and eating. It's a life and death situation realistically is what it is," he says.<br><br><img src="" data-original="" class="img lazyOnLoad" alt="U.S. Coal Giant Peabody Energy Files For Bankruptcy"/> <br><br>In 1946, the United Mine Workers of America and the U.S government agreed that union miners who put in 20 or more years would get lifelong pension and health benefits. Patriot is one of six major coal producers in the U.S. that has sought bankruptcy protection in the last few years, a process that often includes an attempt to drop retiree benefits.<br><br>After the Patriot bankruptcy in 2012, the UMWA negotiated a $400 million payment in bankruptcy court for retirees benefits. Existing companies pay into a UMWA fund for retirees, but as those mines close, there is less money going into the pot and the number of retired miners who are drawing from it is increasing. The fund is about to run out of money.<br><br>The UMWA's hope was that the $400 million would give federal lawmakers the time they needed to pass legislation that would protect the miners.<br><br>Senate Democrats have been working for years to pass the Miners Protection Act a bill that would move money from the Abandoned Mine Lands Reclamation Fund into a fund to pay for the pension and health care benefits of tens of thousands of coal miners and retirees.<br><br>West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, is frustrated by the benefits Band-Aid. "We're asking for a permanent fix, we have a pay for for a permanent fix, it's the excess that we have, the surplus in the AML money," he said Tuesday on the Senate floor.<br><br>Manchin and colleague Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, are trying to block a key government spending bill on the Senate floor until miners get their full health care and pension money.<br><br>"I haven't ever used this tactic before, but I feel so compelled that I said we are going to do whatever we can to keep this promise," he said Tuesday.<br><br>But the Miners Protection Act has met with resistance from Senate Republicans, who are wary of bailing out unionized workers.<br><br>Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., proposed a temporary fix tacking on $45 million taken from the existing UMWA fund to the continuing resolution that is needed to fund the federal government through April 2017.<br><br>The continuing resolution must be approved by Friday. Manchin and others are frustrated that it is only a solution for a few months and that it doesn't include any money for pensions.<br><br>Critics of the Miners Protection Act say there are many struggling pension and benefits funds and that a government bailout sets a bad precedent.<br><br>This story is part of a reporting partnership with NPR, West Virginia Public Broadcasting and Kaiser Health News.<br><br>[[/html]] - Comments: 0

New research shows turmeric's potential health benefits - Mashable - 21 Sep 2016 14:10


[[html]]Just as kale emerged from produce-aisle obscurity and wound up in seemingly every salad, smoothie and snack on the planet, turmeric is enjoying a gourmet breakout moment all its own.<br><br>The raw plant, which looks like a ginger root, is often ground into a brilliant yellowish-orange powder to add colorful pizzaz to South Asian dishes, such as vegetable curries or chicken tikka masala.<br><br>But health-conscious (and trend-obsessed) diners are increasingly adding the spice to their lattes, cold-pressed juices and other edibles to tap into turmeric's purported anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.<br><br>A recent experiment by the BBC's Trust Me, I'm A Doctor TV series conducted with Britain's leading health researchers suggests some of the health claims around turmeric may hold some weight.<br><br>Turmeric has been used in non-Western medicine for thousands of years to improve blood circulation and digestion. But the scientific evidence supporting how turmeric (and its color-giving compound curcumin) actually boost human health is still relatively new.<br><br><img class="" data-credit-name="ob Fila/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images" data-credit-provider="custom type" data-caption="Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that may help fight cancer, at least in rodents." src="" alt="Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that may help fight cancer, at least in rodents." data-fragment="m!2523" data-image="" data-micro="1"/><br><br>Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that may help fight cancer, at least in rodents.<br><br>Image: ob Fila/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images<br><br>Studies pointing to turmeric's cancer-fighting properties have mainly been conducted with rodents, using unrealistically high doses of the spice.<br><br>Researchers found that "in rats exposed to cancer-causing substances, those that were treated with turmeric were protected from colon, stomach, and skin cancers," according to a summary of turmeric's potential health benefits by Memorial Sloan Kettering, one of the top U.S. cancer centers.<br><br>"Turmeric also stops the replication of tumor cells when applied directly to them in the laboratory, but it is unknown if this effect occurs in the human body," the summary said.<br><br>Few experiments have been done on humans with real-world doses, according to the BBC report.<br><br>Working with the top researchers, the hosts of the BBC program recruited 100 volunteers for their turmeric test, then divided participants into three groups.<br><br><img class="" data-credit-name="Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images" data-credit-provider="custom type" data-caption="Whole turmeric in the spice market, Old Delhi, India" src="" alt="Whole turmeric in the spice market, Old Delhi, India" data-fragment="m!1d73" data-image="" data-micro="1"/><br><br>Whole turmeric in the spice market, Old Delhi, India<br><br>Image: Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images<br><br>One group was asked to consume a teaspoon of turmeric every day for six weeks, ideally mixed within their food, such as warm milk or yogurt. The second group was asked to swallow a supplement containing a teaspoon of turmeric. A third group took a placebo pill.<br><br>To analyze their results, the BBC team turned to Dr. Martin Widschwendter, who heads the women's cancer department at University College, London and is studying how cancers form.<br><br>In previous studies unrelated to the turmeric research, Dr. Widschwendter and his team compared tissue samples taken from women with and without breast cancer. They found that a change happens to the DNA of a person's cells well before the cells turn cancerous. The process, called DNA methylation, acts like a "dimmer switch" that turns the activity of a gene up or down, the BBC reported.<br><br><img class="" data-credit-name="Flickr Vision" data-credit-provider="custom type" data-caption="Turmeric also has a religious connotation and has been used for centuries in India as a purification agent." src="" alt="Turmeric also has a religious connotation and has been used for centuries in India as a purification agent." data-fragment="m!718a" data-image="" data-micro="1"/><br><br>Turmeric also has a religious connotation and has been used for centuries in India as a purification agent.<br><br>Image: Flickr Vision<br><br>Trust Me, I'm A Doctor asked Dr. Widschwendter to test the DNA methylation patterns of the 100 volunteers' blood cells at the start and end of the turmeric experiment, to see if it would reveal any change in their risk of cancer, allergies and other diseases.<br><br>The doctor reported that, perhaps unsurprisingly, no changes occurred in the group that took the placebo pill. The group that took the turmeric supplement pill also didn't show any difference.<br><br>"But the group who mixed turmeric powder into their food there we saw quite substantial changes," Dr. Widschwendter told the BBC.<br><br>"We found one particular gene which showed the biggest difference," the doctor said, adding that the gene is thought to be involved in a handful of diseases, such as depression, asthma, eczema and cancer.<br><br>"This is a really striking finding, Dr. Widschwendter said.<br><br>The experiment by Trust Me, I'm A Doctor is far from conclusive, and more research will be needed to confirm their findings.<br><br>Still, the program suggests that steeping turmeric root for some tea or dashing the bright powder on your eggs won't be totally for naught.<br><br>Patients undergoing chemotherapy, however, should ask their doctor before taking turmeric. Recent lab findings suggest it could inhibit the anti-tumor action of chemotherapy drugs, according to Memorial Sloan Kettering.<br><br>[[/html]] - Comments: 0

TV Spots in Health Clubs are Working Out - Benzinga - 29 Jun 2016 00:17


[[html]]Recent research studies with Zoom prove the efficacy of TV Spots in gyms.<br><br>Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) June 28, 2016 <br><br>As consumers migrate from television, and ad skipping becomes more of a tradition, Zoom Active Lifestyle Marketing ("Zoom") offers advertisers a regimen that performs.<br><br>Zoom, the exclusive ad, entertainment, and fitness content provider for Canada's leading health clubs, supplies advertisers with an integrated media package that includes Nielsen-measured digital signage, custom promotions, and a video network. Appearing in over 500 of Canada's biggest gyms and fitness centres, the ZoomFitness Video Network touches an engaged, influential audience, and is an integral part of the overall health club experience. <br><br>According to Nielsen data, 87 percent of gym members spend time listening to or watching the ZoomFitness Video Network. Of this audience, more than half frequent the gym three or more times a week, ensuring steady viewership of the network. The extensive reach and omnipresence of Zoom's video offering gives advertisers a unique platform to target the active lifestyle consumer. <br><br>Recent ad campaigns speak to the impact this platform has in the health club space. <br><br>In March, FGL Sports, the largest national sporting goods retailer in Canada with the branded stores Sport Chek and Sports Experts, launched a ZoomFitness Video Network campaign with a 60 second commercial with sound. The results from that ad exceeded expectations. "At FGL Sports, we believe context advertising is effective in driving incremental revenues," said Frederick Lecoq SVP Marketing and eCommerce for FGL Sports, "During the campaign, we saw our sales numbers for stores located adjacent to ZoomFitness venues over indexed with a 6% increase versus those that were not."<br><br>A leader in the Fitness Tracker category ran 30 second commercials with sound back in April. A recent survey validated by ResearchOne reveals the Zoom FitnessTV campaign was also an unmitigated success: 60 percent of all health club members recalled seeing the ad, while 55 percent indicated they have a favorable opinion of the product, a seven percent bump from the pre-campaign survey. <br><br>"The ZoomFitness Video Network not only delivers curated content to the active lifestyle consumer, but it also provides advertisers an exclusive conduit to this highly desirable audience," said Zoom's Chris Corvetti, vice president of sales and marketing. <br><br>About Zoom Active Lifestyle Marketing:<br><br>Zoom Media Group Inc. ("Zoom") is the largest fitness digital media company in the United States, Canada and the UK with more 4,000 digital media locations. In addition to health clubs, Zoom's digital media networks are measured by The Nielsen Company and reach over 120 million monthly viewers across 25,000 digital screens and over 55,000 static media placements. Zoom also offer product sampling and experiential marketing programs. Zoom is owned by the de Gasp Beaubien family and ABS Capital Partners. For more information, please visit<br><br>For additional information, please contact: <br><br>Catelyn Gilliam, Marketing Supervisor<br><br>416.214.9200<br><br>cgilliam(at)zoommedia(dot)com <br><br><br><br>For the original version on PRWeb visit:<br><br><a href=''></a>[[/html]] - Comments: 0

What The Pope Can Teach You About Mesothelioma - 26 Jun 2016 21:33


[[html]]Mesothelioma cancer is an incurable kind of cancer. Treatment alternatives for a certain lung cancer remedy rests upon the type and stage of the cancer. Surgical treatment has actually got the potential to alleviate lung cancer, however just in early phases at which cancer hasn't spread beyond the chest. Mesothelioma is undoubtedly lethal considering that it remains dormant for a number of years and starts to quickly broaden.
<br><br>Coughing is a typical symptom and typical side effect of throat cancer. Several kinds of cancers can result in night sweats.
<br><br>The chemotherapy drugs might <a href=""></a> be utilized prior to in addition to after surgical treatment. This surgical treatment should be carried out only by a gynecological oncologist. In case the hypoglycemia is brought on by a pancreatic tumor, surgery should get the tumor.
<br><br>In some cases there aren't any symptoms in any regard. People that are experiencing these signs may already have bronchitis. It's necessary that You look at that being impacted with among the respiratory illness, it may have an unfavorable impact in your daily activities.
<br><br>A vascular lesion is actually a term including several ranges of conditions. This condition is acknowledged as vascular lesions. These famous people who have lung cancer passed away from the different problems in spite of extensive treatment methods which were utilized. It is an extremely aggressive sort of cancer and definitely will spread out quickly to other areas of the body.
<br><br>Mesothelioma generally begins within the pleura or peritoneum. Other mesothelium tissue is, in addition, susceptible to mesothelioma. In a few cases, the trachea or windpipe might become contaminated. The other sort of strokes, hemorrhagic strokes, aren't nearly as common.
<br><br>You may have heard that growths might be malignant. Radiation therapy looks like chemotherapy as it targets and eliminates cancer cells. Although these growths are frequently benign, they might have a deadly effect. As it consists of iodine, be specific to inform your doctor if you're allergic or when you have asthma.
<br><br>Benign growths aren't malignant. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>Peritoneal mesothelioma cancer impacts the lining round the stomach and intestines and is normally similarly as unsafe. Mesothelioma cancer results within the deterioration of the external lining of the inner organs, and it's also incurable. When compared with other type of cancers, it's more unusual and it generally develops throughout the mesothelium (the protective cellular lining that's present around many organs of the body).
<br><br>In case these tests indicate the probability of mesothelioma, then it's necessary to do a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. That is the reason why it's essential to comprehend a medical professional when you have actually been exposed to Diacetyl even needs to you feel great.
<br><br>All I'm trying to say is that a lot of medical doctors, no matter their specialty, don't make an effort to get to the hidden reason for the condition. In the event the main cancer started within the lung it is going to be called Lung Cancer.
<br><br><img src="" width="262" /><br><br>Mesothelioma is a rather uncommon kind of cancer that is certainly frequently incurable. It's a unusual and lethal type of cancer that is certainly entirely credited to asbestos poisoning.
<br><br>Laws are put in place to set up standards governing the conditions and conditions within the labor system. Asbestos use began to decrease sharply.
<br><br>Generally, the objective of the scientific trial is just to develop the benefit of a single treatment over another. It'll cover the issue of several clients utilizing the drug which they may shed access to their own prescription pain medication if captured. People who simply get radioactive iodine after which take thyroid hormonal agent daily without attending to the real factor for the disease have a superior chance of developing different conditions in the near future. As research continues, strategies to boost efficacy boosts. Gene therapy is, in addition, being tested in an effort to assault the problem in the DNA level. Numerous lawsuit combated over the issue of technique and quantity of compensation as well as their appropriation.
<br><br>In addition, This is understood as the theory of the case. To be able to understand exactly what is readily available and exactly what is going to work best for you, you are in need of an examination using a medical professional or physician. These usually clear alone, following the kid is provided or the medication was stopped for a period of time.<br><br>[[/html]] - Comments: 0

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